If the name of the game didn't give off the hint, Citizen Burger Disorder is about making Burgers. You will have to go through a variety of steps in order to make a burger:

Cooking - Getting served raw meat is quite annoying at the most, so make sure if you are putting on some bacon or burger meat onto your burger, make sure to cook it first at the Grill.

Fillings - Just having two buns isn't that appealing either. Adding some fillings to your burger (e.g: Cheese, Lettuce, Bacon...) will make you burger look more appetizing and may make your burger worth more money. All fillings apart from Tomatoes and Bacon will snap on perfectly to the burger, making it look neater.

Serving - Like any good restaurant, you want to serve Customers with their burger on a Tray. Without the Tray, the burger will not be accepted by the Customer, so make sure you do this if you want to make it rain.

Recipes Edit

Although you can make any combination for your burger, there are selected official burgers that the customers may order.

Single Cheese Burger Edit