The grill is an object that allows you to cook various entites within the game. Fires will also originate from here.

When cooking burger patties, it is important to know the time limit for every patty cooked. When your burger patty reaches of some sort of dark-maroonish color, it is firmly cooked, however, a darker version would still be okay.

When cooking bacon, your color mark is to reach of somewhat a dark-orange crisp. Another acceptable color is a darker version.

When cooking rats, you must reach its darkest color mark, black.

Take note that any other ingredients may also be cooked, such as tomatoes, lettuce, both buns, and cheese.

Trivia Edit

  • You can cook the customer's cash, which will burn, but you will not be able to serve it on a bun.
  • Because you hands are treated as entities, they can be cooked and burned.
  • You can cook boxes, which are found at the back of the restaurant, but will not have any major color differences (it will darken a little).
  • You can cook trays, fire extinguishers, and Customers without any visual effect.
  • You can cook a burger in its whole form.
  • If you put a tomato on top of a rat whilst cooking, and drop a box of buns, the game will freeze or crash.
  • Any entity besides the tray and the Customer will burn if left too long on the grill.
  • Tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese will never turn black if left on the grill for an extended period of time.

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